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KEHU - A program developing teacher’s holistic communication skills in professional interaction

 The aim of the KEHU -pilot project is to research and develop an educational program intended for teachers (teacher students, competent teachers and teacher trainees). The teacher-student relationship is one key factor that contributes to the quality of teaching. That is why the main goal of the KEHU-program is to support the teachers’ professional interaction by developing teachers’ holistic interaction skills. The KEHU-program includes courses of different lengths (4 – 30 hours) designed to engage participants to work actively for their own learning. The theory-based program combines theory and practicing professional interaction skills creative and experiential methods and rehearsals based on theatre.

 The aims of the KEHU-training courses are to:
- develop trainees’ awareness of the phenomena related to teacher’s professional interaction
- broaden trainees’ ability to see and take advantage of alternative behavioral models in different educational interaction situations
- encourages trainees´ to create positive leadership and a positive learning atmosphere - despite any negative feelings associated with professional interaction

 The piloting, analyzing and further development of the educational entity takes place during the years 2017-2019. A digital learning environment and library are created to support the project. The KEHU project is conducted in cooperation with the school authorities of Espoo, Vantaa and Kuopio, and the University of Zagreb, Croatia.


Inquiries: Docent Tapio Toivanen, University of Helsinki, tapio.toivanen (at)